African Compass International (ACI) Mining, Energy and Agri-business, a ACI Group Company, one of the emerging tri-sector mining, energy and agri-business company in frontier and established emerging markets in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is based in South Africa. ACI has an active, opportunistic growth strategy and is involved in trading and projects or pursuing opportunities in Africa, South America and Eurasia.

ACI is a private registered company in South Africa which started as a commodities trading company between China, South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2008. The company changed focus in 2010 and is now involved in mining, energy and agri-business operations.

Corporate Strategy & Vision


To Enhance the lives of all Africans through our efforts to create wealth, food and sustainable energy.


Our corporate mission is to be the go-to- resources and energy organisation in Southern Africa and other accredited geographies. We will achieve this by focusing on key minerals, agri-business and energy projects through acquisition, exploration, development, production, sourcing and trading programs.


ACI’s approach to business is based on 3 key values: Honesty, Integrity and Vision. We always seek partners who share the same values.


  • Leverage Eurasia win-win-win partnerships and expand into composite materials, aluminium and steel trading.
  • Identify, with the support of our geological experts, near surface mining properties and opportunities.
  • Accelerate ACI’s expansion in Africa and accredited geographies with specific focus on mining property, energy and agri-business joint ventures and acquisitions.
  • Develop our flagship rare earths mining projects in Africa and South America.
  • Strengthen the agri-business focusing on contract farming.
  • Partner with key global food processing and commodities trading houses to market and sell our products.


  • Building a formidable global diversified natural resources organisation in Africa steeped in technology and environmental sensitive.
  • Plan and develop our mining, agri-business and commercial energy portfolio for future production.
  • Maintain a healthy capital base to support global footprint diversification into other viable industries in Africa, South America and Eurasia.

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