ACI is registered in Mauritius and is a SADC based tri-sector mining, energy and agri-business private company with subsidiaries in Austria, Canada, Japan, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

ACI is uniquely positioned to grow from a strong pipeline of trading and mining assets including key agri-business and energy projects. Included in the asset package are development and exploration projects as well as producing assets that generate cash flow.

ACI’s growth plans are strategically focused in the SADC geographies and expanding into west Africa, with a view to consider further accredited projects in South America and Eurasia.

ACI has no direct operations, but rather executable operations through satellite or subsidiary entities whereby this structure limits the risk to the parent company.

The Company employs an active Board Of Directors and they all play a role in the Management of the company.

ACI utilizes a well diversified base of investors including equity crowdfunding, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, high net worth companies, endowments, trading houses, foundations and family offices from Europe, U.S. and Asia for the raising of capital to enable the acquisition, exploration, development, production, sourcing, trading and operational activities to continue.

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