It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of African Compass International (ACI) Mining, Energy and Agri-business, a ACI Group Company, one of the diversified emerging tri-sector mining, independent power producer and agri-business company in frontier, emerging/established emerging and developed markets lead by a multipod entrepreneurial DNA team.

We are both proud and grateful as we have a team that has shown resilience over the 2023 year. The energy and metals space was not easy but required strategic focus and long-term view on the electrification and decarbonisation commodities we explore, produce and trade in. The global COVID-19 variants, geopolitical risks, supply chain issues, sequential core inflation abating, interest rate peak, climate crisis, wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, improving economic recovery and policy had both negative and positive effects on commodities production and trade as a whole. Some energy, mining and trading houses did not have much choice but either mothball some operations temporarily, trim or expand capacity as well as talent acquisition.

We have survived the storm and 2024 looks brighter, but market uncertainties still lurk in the background. As resurgent supply growth outweighs demand growth, we see commodities trading lower across the board on expectations of macro headwinds in the US, Europe and China. Globally and structurally, demand is robust but the supply chain issues and US elections, constitute a potential risk to our overall outlook. 

In our expansion plans we have gained a global footprint in boutique financial advisory NGEP and on FinTech, work continues on taking live the currently stealth mode cryptocurrency token, NuGET backed by physical commodities we explore, produce and trade. We are also happy to announce that we have expanded in the closed loop recycling and composite materials space focusing on niche aerospace and automative manufacturers in the North America and Europe. Negotiations and study of this business has not only taken up time and in-depth studies through talent acquisition at our disposal, but also the building of relationships with our suppliers in Africa and Asia and our clients in Europe and North America have been outstanding.

ACI market strategy will always be gap market orientated. Not only is our goal to take good cognisance of good supply but also markets that require a different approach in fulfilling their needs through production and trading terms and distribution solutions that give a peace of mind and grow the business.

We see this strategy actively building up and benefit of this strategy yielding good results at the end of the quarter.

Thank you to the dedicated team of ACI, we shall grow to new heights this year and implement plans according to the expansion plans.

I hope your interest and anticipation in ACI grows as ours has and that we may both participate in the rewards and prosperity provided by opportunities like those of ACI in 2024!

Thank you – stay safe, stay healthy and most importantly, sane.

Julian RUPARE Jr.

CEO & Chair of ACI Group