The optimum process will be derived using a proven linear programming (LP) Model. The Refinery will be based on a multi-stream modularised Process using well proven technology. The process will be two staged: namely Stage 1 – hydro-skimming complexity upstream and Stage 2 – VGO hydro cracking complexity downstream including CCR Platforming, hydrogen, delayed petroleum coking for processing residuals and de-Sulphurisation units. The respective Refinery will be built in two overlapping phases of 100,000 barrels per day (bpd) each Phase such that the completion Refinery name plate capacity is 200,000 bpd as follows (a barrel is equivalent to 42 United States gallons):

1.      First Phase – 100,000 bpd

This Phase is based on 5 identical hydro-skimming process complexities, 20,000 bpd process streams operating in parallel, each stream comprising of:

Crude Oil Atmospheric Distillate Tower, Vacuum Distillation Tower

Naphtha Hydro-treater

Jet Fuel/ Kerosene Hydro-treater

Diesel Hydro-treater

Gas Oil Hydro-treater, Reformer.

These 5 process streams are further supplemented by downstream, single process, high complexity units:

VGO Hydro Cracker, CCR Platforming unit

Hydrogen Plant

Sulphur Recovery Unit

Delayed Coking Unit.

2.      Second Phase -100,000 bpd

 This comprises a “copy cat” repeat of the First Phase (100,000 bpd) in the way of a further five 20,000 bpd process streams plus an additional VGO Hydro Cracker Unit, CCR Platforming unit, Hydrogen Plant, Sulphur Recovery Unit and a Delayed Coking Unit thus resulting in a final Phase 1 plus Phase 2 total Refinery production of 200,000 bpd.

3.      Total Refinery Complex – 200,000 bpd

The complete complex would comprise the following units:

Crude Oil Atmospheric Distillation Towers

Vacuum Distillation Towers

Naphtha Hydro-treaters

Jet Fuel/Kerosene Hydro-treaters, Diesel Hydro-treaters

Gas Oil Hydro-treaters

Reformer Units

VGO Hydro Crackers, CCR Platforming Units, Hydrogen Units

Delayed Coking Units

Sulphur Recovery Units

Total Refineries Capacity = 400,000 bpd