The Government of Zimbabwe deliberately opened up State Enterprises and Parastatals (SEPs) for private investment. It adopted three broad strategies in pursuit of weaning itself off the financial burden of supporting the SEPs. The key broad strategies are Commercialisation, Restructuring and Privatisation. Zimbabwe has 97 SEPs in various sectors of the economy.

The restructuring of the SEPs provides good investment opportunities in areas such as concessioning, management contracts, joint ventures, leasing and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) among others.


1. Grain Marketing Board (GMB): JV partnerships in commodity trading, farming and farmer support services, agro – processing, logistics, and polybag manufacturing; and

2. Agriculture and Rural Development (ARDA): JV partnerships in various ARDA estates for the purposes of engaging in farming activities so as to improve the country’s food security.

3. Cold Storage Company (CSC): JV partnerships in abattoirs and ranches.