The Richards Bay oil refinery total investment requirement is R100 billion ZAR. Alternatively, we have roped in as equity partner and will raise R50 billion investment, their interest is to distribute and manage the white products to feed into their Africa wide supply-demand chain. They already have a depots Mozambique and Angola, but have shortfalls of over 500 million litres a month. Development includes:

  • Tankage of 1 Billion Litres
  • SBM pipeline
  • Refinery of 400 000 bpd
  • Water desalination plants
  • Electrical Power Generation
  • Gas Pipeline
  • Free Trade Zone
  • EIA plan


Year 1

Relocation of existing site dwellings and development of a new residential township.

Bulk services to the the residential development and the oil refinery site as well as infrastructure development.

SBM line and connection to national grid and water desalination.

Storage facilities.

Power plant and sludge dams.

Operational costs.

Year 2

Completion of residential and infrastructure.

Completion of water desalination and SBM platform.

Completion of storage facility.

Power plant.

Sludge dams, water desalination, by product development.

Year 3

Completion of all installation to operational specifications.

Construction of refinery.

Year 4

Completion of refinery.

Year 5

Setup of Durban transhipment facilities.

Statutory regulated government costs (inter alia, levies, distribution, storage, harbour).