NGEP is a boutique financial advisory firm operating in the private capital markets ecosystem. At the nexus of our business, NGEP provides solutions for small to large corporations mainly in the resources sector, but also other sectors globally, seeking capital and corporate finance advice to grow their operations.

Step by Step: How we work?

1. We identify, discuss and agree on a corporations financial needs.

2. We evaluate whether there is propensity to fund based on corporations business history, activity and plans i.e., is the company listed market capitalization or due for listing, ticket size required and use of funds.

3. If there is appetite to proceed, we would proceed to NDAs, agree on fees and proceed to match the company with a fund that’s appropriate for the funding needs through introductions. Note at this juncture a pre-qualifying exercise would have already been carried out prior with the matching fund.

4. On deal close and disbursements, all payments agreed will be paid out to NGEP including equity allocations and/or options agreed.