What is REACH?

ACI fully supports the main objectives of Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemical (REACH) of chemical substances of the EU that entered into force on the 1st of june 2007  (Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006).

Aims & Scope

REACH aims among other things to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals as well as making industry responsible for assessing and managing the risks posed by chemicals and providing appropriate safety information to their users. According to this regulation, manufacturers and importers of chemical substances in tonnage above 1 tonne per year will have to register the substances with the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). Because of REACH, thousands of chemicals will be evaluated over the next eleven years. Testing will be arranged and financed by the manufacturers and importers of the potentially dangerous substances.

Certain substances of high concern, such as carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxic substances (CMRs) have to be authorised.



  • Substances under customs supervision
  • Food and foodstuff additives
  • Non-isolated intermediates
  • Waste
  • Radioactive substances
  • Human and veterinary medicines
  • Transport of substances
  • Plant protection products and biocides

REACH will replace or modify many other previous legislations on chemicals. The aim is to have a better knowledge of chemicals and consequently to be able to master both human health and environment issues.

Chemicals have had to be registered in three phases according to tonnage, culminating in registration by 1st June, 2018 for any substance produced and or imported into the EU in a quantity >1mt per year.

Additionally, industry should prepare risk assessments and provide controls measures to downstream users about safe use for the substance.

ACI understands the importance to our supply chain of complying with REACH. Failure to meet the necessary requirements can cause significant disruptions to the whole supply chain. To this end, ACI has worked with its advisors to ensure, where relevant, it is fully compliant with the legislation obligations at each stage and preempt disruptions, thus enabling the Company to continue supplying the market with its product portfolio.


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