ACI goes to great lengths to protect our computer systems and equipment from the threat of a cyberattack. ACI’s comprehensive network is designed to protect us from both internal and external threats. We have expanded our use of next-generation intrusion detection and prevention tools for further protection of personal information. We are regularly training our talent to stay aware of potential cyber threats. 

Warning – Scam eMails

ACI is committed to safeguarding the security of our talent, those involved with our operations, our customers and stakeholders. We believe the answer lies in a tripartite of uncompromising pursuits: Exceptional Technology; Rigorous Standards; and an unwavering commitment to Best Practice Procedures.

It is a sad feature of Electronic Communication that there will always be people who try to abuse it and ACI suffers from this risk in common with many other business entities. Effective preparedness depends on Competent Response and Rigorous Systems.

We are aware of bogus eMails being sent which claim to be from ACI, or individuals in ACI. If you receive an eMail which says it comes from ACI and you have any doubts about it, please take the following steps:

  1. Please check the eMail address of the sender. If it does not end “” it is not from ACI;
  2. Check the name of the sender on our Web Site. If the name appears there, please contact the individual at the eMail address or the telephone number shown on the Website (not those shown in the eMail you have received) and ask for confirmation that the eMail was sent by that individual;
  3. If you are still in doubt, please send a copy of the eMail you have received and any correspondence you have sent or received under Paragraph 2 to:




Information pertaining to scams and other frauds may be found on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website, under the heading of Common Fraud Schemes:, as well as one of the many public awareness websites such as: