A Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) is required to ensure that essential functions of the entity are able to continue in the event of serious adverse circumstances.

BCP is a complex and important activity that affects the entire commodities industry. Like all activity, it is hoped that the business continuity plan is never required. However, in the event it is needed, our plan is designed so that African Compass International (“ACI”) and its affiliates recover effectively and quickly from a disaster, and that service disruptions are minimized and managed.

From major disasters to epidemics, we plan to recover from even the most significant business disruptions and be operational in less than two business days.


ACI’s BCP provides methods and procedures for restoration of mission critical services in the event of a natural or manmade disaster and other emergencies that result in partial or total service interruption of its business. The BCP is maintained at several locations. ACI’s technical staff each have assigned roles in plan implementation, ensuring remote assistance, and that key suppliers, network components, and records are managed and restored.

ACI’s BCP serves as an important document to ensure that proper communications take place, that its network can be restored in the most efficient manner possible, to keep employees and infrastructure safe, and to minimize inconvenience to its partners and customers.

Key Elements

The BCP contains the following sections:

  • Data back-up and recovery (hard copy and electronic);
  • All mission critical systems;
  • Financial and operational assessments;
  • Alternate communications between partners and customers and the entity;
  • Alternate communications between the entity and its employees;
  • Alternate physical location of employees;
  • Critical business constituents, banks, and counter-party impact;
  • Communications with regulators;
  • Step-by-step guide to recovery procedures; and
  • Key Supplier Lists & Emergency Contacts (Equipment, Infrastructure, Utilities, Transmission Facilities, Other).

Further Information

ACI has a routine maintenance program that sends mission critical data to a remote site daily. ACI retains key database back-ups of volatile network elements, both on and off site.

The BCP is the responsibility of Ubandance MAZUNGA, Chief Legal Officer. It is updated regularly by technical staff, tested randomly and reviewed annually by Executive Management to ensure understanding and compliance.