Encountering and engaging with photography is possible outside the established cultural institutions. Our commitment to photography enables us to:

  • Make a contribution to the cultural development in the communities where we operate

Our ambition is to create a courageous, distinctive, coherent and internationally recognised photography programme through:

  • Promoting emerging photographers
  • Building a focused photography collection from around the world

We invite you to join us on a monochrome and color trip of challenge, interpretation, search, beauty, ugliness, charm, contradiction, appreciation and joy.

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Featured Photographer 1: Vienna, Austria

Mag. Isabel TERMINI-FRIDRICH, lives & works in Vienna, Austria. She earned her Master’s degree in Art History & Archeology @ University of Vienna. She currently works as a director of interpretation & education for City Museum of Vienna. She is also a founder of EINTAGMUSEUM. The Ephemeral Museum is conceptualised as a growing space & only exists for one day. It is meant as a participatory project where the visitors decide about the displayed objects. With souvenirs, photographs & documents but also with sounds or smells & they create the Ephemeral Museum & overtake the role of the curators in a traditional museum. A special architecture is designed for the grown collection.

Mag. Isabel TERMINI-FRIDRICH portfolios’

Series Of My Favorites

Plants, beings, landscapes, water, skies.
All I want.

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Featured Photographer 2: Africa & Americas

Award Winning Photographer – Film Maker – Model

Connect with him socially online by following, liking and joining the conversation on Instagram @kudzaikingphotography and Website.

Kudzai KING portfolios’

1000 2 copy

I met this gentleman in an area named Durban Deep in Johannesburg, South Africa an illegal mining community that is highly notorious for rape and murder. It’s a place where the government has turned their back on the people of this community as a lot of them are from poor countries around Africa in peril because of famine and war; most have entered the country illegally. This specific gentleman left Zimbabwe in pursuit of greener pastures and he ended up in Durban Deep as a “zama zama” (a local name for illegal mining which means “trying trying” as a direct translation from Zulu to English). There is a belt of gold in the earth that’s still rich. He goes underground for days in time to try his luck 20km down in the ground and sometimes he is in good luck and at times, not so much.

1002 4

I took this image of children playing on the street, a common site in this area. I had just come from Durban Deep where I spent quite an extensive time shooting. This place is a very colorful high-density neighborhood right close in proximity to the illegal mining area next to it. The contrast was very fascinating for me, less than a mile away from this place is a place where unspeakable acts of violence and crimes against humanity.

1003 copy copy

Deep in the community of illegal mining in Durban Deep, a place where its easier to find people who have been shot than those who have not; I found this girl staring back at me with curiosity. She was sitting next to a “tuk shop” (a small local shop made of scrap metal that sells edibles and beer) filled with such innocence whilst she knit away whilst humming to a sweet serenade.

1005 2 copy

I saw this boy holding a Vuvusela (a trumpet originally made in South Africa used to add cheer by fans when people are playing football infamous from the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup) parading in the streets of Kliptown, Soweto, Johannesburg. He decided to impress me and blew it to make a loud sound that echoed in the streets nearby.

1008 3 copy

I saw this young girl shying away from the camera whilst eating yogurt in Kliptown. I gave a gesture that I wanted to take a picture of her and she covered her head instead. After I had taken this picture, I decided to keep it, we shared a brief laughter just after I had photographed her. In Kliptown you can find a number of buildings with bright graffiti on its walls. Although it’s a low-density community, you can tell creativity is alive within its youth even though most of them do not go to school as their parents cannot afford it.


A neighborhood surrounding Kliptown, a young horse breeder lounges around on a couch in the heat of the day under a tree. Horses are used quite a lot in this neighborhood for transportation and for carrying heavy loads.

1014 3

The daughter of a horseman walks past and stops and glances back at me. Without any clear intention she stands there for a few minutes as we are doing a stare down, she then keeps walking and continues on. The surrounding areas of Kliptown are mainly built of metal scrap sheets and I found it fascinating how such a place would have horses as from my knowledge they are a symbol the high-class society.


A woman and daughter sit on a log on a field of bright pretty yellow plants. You can almost not tell of how deep and disturbing her life story is and the tragedy that has and keeps happening to her in Durban Deep. She has been raped multiple times by a gang of men who call themselves “The Suthu Gang” who have also threatened to kill her at gun point. The gang runs the illegal gold mining in this area. I asked her why she does not move and start a new life in a new place? She told me that she can’t move until she has hit her jackpot. So, the gold rush continues for her even though her life is in peril.

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By Jamaican Dr. …, Institute Of Social Studies (Erasmus University) – 2000s, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Sitting on a sidewalk in Queens

With young girls all with chemically

Straightened hair

Talking about boys and periods of bloody encounters

Of Sex, or pregnancy, of just feeling bodies changing

And wondering

How to manage these transitions

I too talked of my encounters with the pain and confusion

And confidence to assert being man

And loving it

I will return I said and maybe even live

Here for a while and share some more

As you grow through your changes…

No Man! You can’t live here!

The panic and distress in the response

From the girl was unmistakable

Others nodded in unison

You can’t live here! She said again

Every day gun shot fire here and every day some body

Dead down here man!

We used to it but you not used to it

You can’t live here man!

Silenced i internalised the shocking realisation

That these girls take the deadly violence

Stalking their community as the norm

Of their reality

Their discursive identity

Is variously bound up with

The acid texture of its death knell

A young man once told me that because he knows

That a bullet is out there with his name on it

He would prefer To do it without a condom

And die from Aids

Because he was sure he would

Enjoy the sex more

What comment on cause and effect

Of violence and poverty

Could offer comfort in the face of such

Raw cynicism?

There’s always the possibility

That despite my epistemic partiality

Of the subjects of subordination

I too could have the dreadful experience

For one wrong word said

You soon could be dead

On the power-filled one way street

Where the gold-tooth don-gorgons meet

I claim the freedom to interrogate

The subjectivities

Embodied in gendered identities

In order to contribute to conscientisation

Of poor people subject to

Social structures of discrimination

Though social lack is a challenge to hope

The socially inscribed body

And cultural symbols

Provide strategies to cope

The youth have seen and they have heard

And have learnt it’s safer to say not a word

They know that American society

Gives social whiteness highest priority

While the African majority

Live in chronic scarcity

Life in a American inner-city

Is a story the cheapness of life

And the richness of beauty

Amidst cycles of strife

A power game of who

Will next bit the dust

If poverty is a crime

Then violence is a must

Which theoretical formulation

Can one fit such a configuration?

When should the experiential situation

Inform the conceptualisation?

The combination of constructs that

Constitute the problematic

Are structural, embodied and discursive

And therefore can’t be static

While methods promote


To validate the agency

Of victims of social exclusion

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– Mag. Isabel TERMINI-FRIDRICH portfolios’ continued

The Bright Continent Portrait

I am in Africa, me, the white woman, taking pictures with my sophisticated camera. I am aware of what I am doing. I know the traditions, the icongraphies of power, of colonialism.

This introduction is not a self defense. F**k, I do not feel guilty when I am making pictures of Africans, I do not take away anything, I do not play a “role”.

When making portraits, I put a lot of energy. It is an intense dialogue, sometimes i feel overwhelmed. I give a lot, I open myself so that the people can react or answer.

To recover I go into nature, landscaping calms me down, reloads my batteries.

So in this sense portraits and landscapes become one in the process…

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Réunion avec moi 

Finally – a calm a soothing place. For yoga and great talks with Betty.

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Senegal_daily life

What do I see? What do I Frame?

Is something Happening “behind” my constructed scenes?

I don’t care. I am there. In the present.


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My Psychtherapeutic Landscapes #2

Seascapes – calming my mind.

Published 30-06-2017, 09:36 CET. Updated 03-07-2017, 08:13 CET.

My Psychtherapeutic Landscapes #1

From the dome at the shore to the woods – places that are empowering.

Published 14-03-2017, 08:15 CET. Updated 21-04-2017, 19:01 CET.

Searching The Sun

Getting out of the foggy metropolis to praise sun and nature.

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The Absolute Flow

With my swimming trainer Ina in #BadenbeiWien, Lower Austria. In my opinion, swimming is the most beautiful sport, ever…

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Bluegreen_Austrian Summer

Three traditional Places, where people in Austria overcome the summer heat: Lunz am See, Bad Fischau and Baden bei Wien.

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Bluegreen_Recalling Trinakria

Published 27-06-2016, 09:33 CET. Updated 27-06-2016, 11:43 CET.


From Winter to Spring, inside and outside, blue and green, bright light underlines the structures.

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Fog in the Viennese Woods

On a day in January my friends hike to Agnesbründl, a spring who is devoted to Saint Agnes. Besides the spring there is a tree, where visitors tie ribbons. The ribbons stand for the wishes for the future, Thanks to Saint Agnes they come true…

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Two different kind of patterns define this serial:

Leaves – still on the trees; or as

Shadows – on walls and the patterns of contemporary architecture.

“Nature” and “Culture” (architecture and landscape) unite on surfaces made of concrete and glass.

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Personal view on “All the world’s futures” (A Picture Essay)

This Album shows you my favorite artworks seen at the 56th Biennale of Venice, Italy. The exhibition with the title “All the World’s Futures” was curated by Okwui Enwezor, specialist on African Contemporary Art, gave me an idea of the vitality of the “African” art scenes.

artists + titles

_Sammy Baloji, The Other Memorial, 2015Edoardo Basualdo

_Tiffany Chung

_Katharina Grosse, Untitled Trumpet, 2015

_Kay Hassan, Untitled, 2015-15

_Ibrahim Mahama, Out of Bounds, 2015

_Nandipha Mntambo, Conversation, The Beginning of Forever, 2015

_Mohau Modisakeng, Inzilo

_Gareth Nyandoro, Market Objects, 2015

_Invisible Borders, A Transafrican Worldspace, curated by Emeka Okereke

_Chiharu Shiota, The Key in The Hand, 2015

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Vincent J. F. Huang’s installation in the Arsenal of Venice (Tuvalu Pavillon/56th Biennale di Venezia-All The World’s Futures) and seascapes of Venice, Italy form this Serial.

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This black-and-white series shows the making-of the exhibition of the Eintagsmuseum in Belgrade, Serbia during the 12th Museum Night in May 2015 themed “Eyes Open to the Night”. The images show the collaborators of the initiative and how the show was perceived by the visitors.

Under the title “EINTAGSMUSEUM REOPENS KLUB AKADEMIJA” we prepared a lecture room of the Faculty of Fine Arts as an exhibition space. Black wall fields as chalk boards were painted for a timeline of the Klub Akademija. A timeline of the history of the music-club was sketched. The visitors were invited to complete the timeline with their facts and stories.

The legendary Klub Akademija was located in the basement of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and existed between 1961 and 2011. Especially in the 1980s and early 1990s – when the music club was managed by art students and had a very important impact on the Serbian subculture – the club played an important role for the the Serbian elites and the art- and music-scene.

Concept of the artistic Intervention: Johannes Hoffmann, Johanna Reiner, Vladimir Miladinovic + Isabel Termini.

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Atypical photographs of a popular Austrian landscape in very early spring. The weather was harsh during this exploration in Southern Styria, an Austrian region which is known for excellent wine.

The photographs are characterized by dramatic skylines. Emphasis is on the topography and the geometric shapes of the fields, meadows and vineyards.

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This series explores the urban landscapes of Vienna: Some parts of the metropolis are still characterized by agriculture especially by vineyards, but also by vegetable growing.

In the last years the city marketing had put an emphasis on Vienna as a the biggest wine growing city. So somehow I am very much influenced by that. My aim is to show that urban farming is not an invention of the 20th century.

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The Visitors: An Associative Approach

The Visitors Series are about visitors in museums, galleries and other cultural institutions. I try to describe the dependency between the visitor and the space.

The Visitors Series are based on an associative approach. They depict the “others” and me, how I perceive others in an unfamiliar place and how I feel in a place that is just my usual working space.

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