The Nambian base metal copper project has an existing mining license valid for ten years with an extension for a further 20 years. The deposit consists of copper (1.35%. In comparison, the largest copper mines in the world have average copper grades of 0.67% contained copper with big tonnage), lead (2.5%), zinc (4%) and silver (10 g/t). A feasibility study and an environmental study has been completed. The deposit is shallow and can be extracted through open pit mining. Recovery is through heap leaching. The property is close to a major centre and rail line access is easy to a major harbour for export.

Reserves (Copper Only)

Proven Reserves                                                                               42,371,100 MT

Probable Reserves                                                                            10,986,300 MT

Possible reserves                                                                              46,796,400 MT

Estimated in situ value at a copper price:

42,371,000 ton of Copper Oxide at 1.35% =  1,258,418,700.00 lbs of copper at $3.5010 per lb (LME)

In situ value = U.S. $4,405,723,868.70.

Location 01

Location 02

Geology 01



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