17,345 sq. km exploration area in the Seychelles. A portfolio of over 20 leads, with prospective resources of 100 – 600 MMbbl is mapped. Total Prospective Resources (mean) are greater than 3 billion barrels.

The Junon South trend structures (below map), targeting upper Karoo Isalo Formation sandstone reservoirs, are a priority for drilling in the east to test the potential for the newly identified Corriera Basin. The Junon NW closure is also a regional culmination on the northern horst block trend. Beau Vallon in the west is the largest structure in the inventory, a large regional feature with billion barrel potential and is also a priority. Beau Vallon is analogous to the intra-Karoo oil discoveries in the Morondava Basin of Madagascar. A large number of follow-up leads with substantial volumes are present in both the Junon and Beau Vallon areas, along with developing concepts such as Cretaceous stratigraphic plays in the Junon area.

Focus on maturing high graded prospects and leads for drilling and acquisition of 3D seismic, leading to the drilling of one or more exploration wells.