We are proud of the more than 15-years plus tradition of integrity on which this Company is built and we have the utmost confidence in the governance provided by our Board of Directors (*BoD). Our BoD is a balanced and diverse group of leaders well equipped to carry out its functions as a governing body and combines expertise in all aspects of trading, project development and financing.

The BoD currently comprises four Directors. The Directors are comprised of members who possess a diverse range of perspectives and experience of relevant strategic, industry, financial and governance to enable the Company to fulfil its objectives.

The Chairs and CEO are responsible for leading the BoD, business, managing it within the set policy and objective confines delegated by the BoD and the development as well as implementation of strategic decisions for the overall performance of the Company.

The BoD are the ChairJulian RUPARE, Jr., Co-Chair, Ubandance MAZUNGAVice-Chair, Charles Nhamo RUPARE and Executive DirectorDr. Victor Manuel Santos CORREIA, and Ms. Nicole FRANK, Alternate Director for Dr. CORREIA.

The BoD meets regularly during the year, every other month (or at any other time as required when circumstances warrant), to discuss significant matters including strategic investments, short-term operational activities, joint ventures and alliances as well as global talent acquisition requirements and financial performance (being performance for a period not exceeding 365.2425 days). The latest management reports and accounts, including variances to budget, are presented at each BoD meeting.

*No assurance can be given that any particular individual will be affiliated with the BoD for any period of time.