The project consists of building and operating a wind energy project located in Pecineaga, Dobrogea.

Aggregate capacity: 48MW

Mean Wind Speed (105m): 7.7 m/s

Main Wind Direction: W, NW, S

Capacity factor: 36%

Average Net Energy Output: 180450 MWh/y

Full Load Equivalent: 3200 hours/y

Altitude: 80 m asl

Orography: flat

Period of Wind Measurements: 2 years (2009-10)

Met Mast Height/Mean Wind Speed Registered at Respective the Height: 80.9 m/7.2 m/s

Turbine Hub Weight/Wind Speed at the Respective Height: 105 m/7.7 m/s

Number of Nominal Capacity of the Turbines: 2MW

Project Life: 20-25 years.