Operational mine near Nyamapanda boarder of Zimbabwe with Mozambique. At present thousands of tons are stockpiled done by artisinal methods and need to be processed. All the stockpile was material mined from outcrop.

Evaluated budgets needed for continuous supply including operational costs.

Total Capex: US$10,5 million (will cover all equipment and operational costs for a 6 to 12 month period and will include further exploration to determine total resource and mine life span).

Mining method: Open cast.

Manganese grade: 42% min and 48% max.

Area: Nyamapanda, 30km from Nyamapanda boarder, Mozambique.

Area coverage: 1000+- hectares and more area can be acquired on surrounding area.

Port of exit: Beira Port Mozambique, distance 350km from mine.

Value of stock at target capacity: 2,8 to 3,2 million a month.

Structure: offset the initial investment offtake with stock and continue to supply for the duration of the contract agreed period. Below annexure is the Financial Model: