African Compass International (ACI) Mining, Energy and Agri-business, a ACI Group Company, is a emerging global diversified Mining, Independent Power Producer (IPP) and Agri-business company.

The way we conduct business is as important as what we do. Here and elsewhere you will find information on our values and our business model. We also share how we are governed; how we encourage ethical behavior and decision-making; and how we manage and minimize risk.

ACI’s present mining portfolio in Africa include two rare earth projects of Tungsten and Tantalite in Zimbabwe, base metal Antimony, Manganese and Nickel, precious metal Gold project. In South African, Iron ore and Chrome projects and in Mozambique, Tantalite and Gold projects, a base metal Copper project in Namibia and multiple other joint venture projects in Africa, South America and Eurasia.

ACI Energy has a Photovoltaic Array project (30MW) in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe,  a Thermal (100MW) project in Namibia as well as oil and gas joint venture projects in Africa, South America and Eurasia.

ACI’s Agri-business has a poultry project in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Agri-business portfolio also includes 350 hectares of land in Beatrice and a banana farm plantation in Honde Valley, Manicaland Province that is sub-divided for growing bananas, vegetables, soybeans and sugar beans projects.

ACI selection of projects is always based on viability and good internal rate of returns (IRRs) for our investor partners.

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