ABAP          Advanced Business Application Programming

ACI              African Compass International Group and all or some of its subsidiaries or joint ventures, or ACI Group or one or more of its subsidiaries or joint ventures

Actlabs        Activation Laboratories Limited

ADIPAC      Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference

Ag                Silver

AISA           African Institute of South Africa

Al                 Aluminium

AI                 Artificial Intelligence

ADR            American Depository Receipt

ARDA         Agriculture and Rural Development

As                Arsenic

Au                Gold


B                  Boron

Ba                Barium

BCF             Billion cubic feet

Be                 Beryllium

BFS              Bankable Feasibility Study

Bi                  Bismuth

BofA             Bank of America

BoD              Board of Directors or Board

BOE              Barrel Of Oil Equivalent

BOO             Build Own Operate

Bpd               Barrels per day

BRICS          Brazil Russia India China South Africa


Ca                 Calcium

Capex           Capital expenditure

CAR              Central African Republic

CARS            Central African Rift System

CaWO4        Scheelite

Cb                 Carbonate Mineral

CBM             Coalbed methane

CCO              Chief Coin Officer

CCR              Continuous Catalyst Regeneration

cCTLD          country Code Top Level Domain

Cd                 Cadmium

CDO              Chief Data Officer

CEDR           Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

CEO              Chief Executive Officer

CFI                Confidential Financial Information

CFR              Cost and Freight

CG                 Chief Geologist

CIF               Cost Insurance and Freight

CIO               Chief Investment Officer

CIP               Carriage and Insurance Paid To

CIS                Commonwealth of Independent States

CLO              Chief Legal Officer

CMRs          Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic substances

Co                 Cobalt

COg               carbon monoxide gas

COO              Chief Operating Officer

CPI                Consumer Price Index

CPT               Carriage Paid To

Cr                  Chromium

CREs            Critical Rare Earths

CrO3            Chromium trioxide

Cs                 Cesium

CSC              Cold Storage Company

CSO             Chief Security Officer

CTICC         Cape Town International Convention Centre

Cu                Copper


DAF             Delivered At Frontier

DDP            Delivered Duty Paid

DDU           Delivered Duty Unpaid

DEAT          Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

DES            Delivered Ex Ship

DEQ            Delivered Ex Quay

D-FA           Donau-Finance Afrique

DLs              Distribution Licensees

DNA            DeoxyriboNucleic Acid

Dodd-Frank Act   Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Dr                Doctor

DRC            Democratic Republic of the Congo

D-U-N-S    Data Universal Numbering System

Dy               Dysprocium


EARS           East African Rift System

e-BS             E-Business Suite

EC                European Communities

ECHA          European Chemical Agency

ECOWAS    Economic Community of West African States

EEZ              Exclusive Economic Zone

EIA              Environmental Impact Assessment

EITI             Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

EMENA      Europe Middle East North Africa

EPCM          Engineering Procurement and Construction Management

EPL             Exclusive Prospecting License

Er                 Erbium

ESIA            Environment and Social Impact Assessment

Eu                Europium

EU               European Union

EVD            Ebola virus disease

ETF             Exchange Traded Fund

EXW           Ex Works