Thursday, October 11, 2012

Johannesburg, South Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe, Vienna, Austria, Tokyo, Japan – October 11, 2012 – Two African focused emerging companies have joined forces to capitalize on the growth opportunities on the continent and expand their respective footprints. African Compass International Limited (“ACI” or the “Company”), a South African-based mining, power generation and agribusiness company founded in 2008, and Austria’s Donau-Finanz Afrique (D-FA), a consulting and investment firm founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of parent company Donau-Finanz Austria, a boutique investment and finance firm established in 1957. D-FA specializes in West African investment opportunities. These two organisations have reached a strategic partnership agreement to identify synergies on projects that will bring mutual benefits.

ACI and D-FA agreed to work together on securing mines in the Republic of Guinea with good and quantified geological reserves. Specifically, the exploration, development and mining of the mineral bauxite and off-taking it from current mines.

D-FA, which has strong West African presence has partnered with the government of the Republic of Guinea and formed privileged partnerships modeled after the PPP (public private partnership).

ACI’s African based coupled with an international network. This gives it a strategic advantage to raise funds through joint venture structures focused on medium to large scale projects. ACI’s mining arm is focused on rare earth minerals, base metals and platinum group elements (PGEs) both in green fields and brown fields categories where geophysical systems partnerships can be used as an advantage. ACI’s business portfolio also includes energy projects for power generation as well as agribusiness projects.

About ACI
African Compass International (“ACI”) is a global diversified private natural resources company in frontier, emerging/established emerging and developed markets. The Group farms, explores, sources, refines and produces, inter alia, agriculture products, base metals, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, minor metals, platinum group metals, precious metals, oil & gas and commercial energy. Our diversified operations in Africa, South America and Eurasia are supported by offices in Austria, Canada, Japan and Zimbabwe. ACI always seeks partnerships with all its stakeholders that will add value to projects at hand based on the core values of honesty, integrity and vision.

About D-FA
Donau-Finanz Afrique was founded as a subsidiary of Donau-Finanz because of investors’ increasing interest to participate in the African market. It is a consulting and investment firm that specializes in West Africa. For more information, visit

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Julian RUPARE, Jr.

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The following are the main terms and abbreviations used in this webnews:

ACI                 African Compass International Limited and/or its subsidiaries, as appropriate

CEO                Chief Executive Officer

CLO                Chief Legal Officer

Company       African Compass International or African Compass International Limited

COO               Chief Operating Officer

D-FA              Donau-Finance Afrique

PGEs                 Platinum Group Elements

PPP                 Public Private Partnership

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