Professional address: 3rd Floor, Ebène Esplanade, 24 Cybercity, Ebène (Mauritius).

Principal function: Chair and Chief Executive Officer of ACI Group


Other current directorships and positions:

In Mauritius:

Director ACI Holdings Ltd.

In foreign countries

Within the ACI Group:

Chair of Niche Global Equity Token (Dubai);

Chair of Niche Global Equity Partners (Singapore/Abu Dhabi);

Chair of ACI Trust Holdings Company Ltd (Guernsey);

Chair of ACI Holdings & Investments (Austira);

Chair of ACI AG (Liechtenstein);

Director, Global Compass International Sp z o.o. (Poland);

Co-Director, African Lithium Resources Private Limited (Zimbabwe);

Chair of ACI Ltd (Japan);

Chair of ACI Ltd (Canada).

Outside the ACI Group:

Vice-Chair, Sankofa Republik (South Africa);

Advisor, Velocity Inc (Canada);

Advisor, Student Assist Agency (Austria);

Advisor, Valora (SADC);

Advisor, Point Africa (Canada);

Advisor, Kama Resort & Spa, Inc. (Zimbabwe);

Advisor, Courier City Inc. (Canada).

Non-profit organisations: 

Director Co-Chair, The Abundance J.N.U. Foundation;

Director Co-Chair, The ACI Foundation;

Director Vice-Chair, The Sankofa Foundation.



“Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.” – Niccolo MACHIAVELLI

Co-Founder of ACI, a ACI Group Company which started as African Compass Trading in 2008 between China, South Africa and Zimbabwe in Cape Town.

Julian completed his high school at Milton Boys High School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is a marketing graduate and did his MBA through Oxford Brookes UK at Milpark Business School, South Africa.

Julian’s background is corporate marketing and strategic business operations. His experience extends across many industries from oil companies such as Engen Petroleum, advertising agencies (TBWA) and FMCG companies such as Pioneer Group, South Africa, where his strengths and success was in business re-invention and new markets development.

A strong believer in the value of education and staunch proponent of both enterprising and matriculation being forces that drive change and success in emerging and frontier markets, Julian is on the Council of Advisors of Valora, a global diversified advisory, creative and content services agency dedicated to enabling organisations to tell their stories, bring their purpose to life and gear their brand for the future; Toronto, Canada, JobBliss, democratizing the freelancer-company relationship; Toronto, Canada FinTech Points Africa, providing a digital coalition loyalty platform, integrating the growing African mobile e-payment landscape leveraging AI and blockchain; Toronto, Canada start-up Velocity Tech Inc., designing and developing digital products, and online experiences that help clients grow, innovative, and transform; Toronto, Canada, stealth startups NuGET, a cryptocurrency token revolutionizing traditional project fundraising and trading by making it accessible to a broader demographic; Zinio, a global ERP TalentHub that will connect contractors for SAP, Oracle, Sage and MS dynamics to companies looking for vetted and certified consultants and Synergy, a SaaS accounting platforms for educational institutions targeting primary and secondary schools; Toronto, Canada tech platform Courier City Inc, an Uber for international courier services that reduces courier fees and helps travellers earn money; Student Assist Agency, a Vienna, Austria based partnership with students, parents and schools in preparing aspiring university scholars for their tertiary education as well as Kama Resort & Spa, a luxury mid-scale resort and spa catering to business and leisure travelers with recognition for locals engagement.