Professional address: 150 Rivonia Road, Morningside, Sandown, 2196, South Africa.

Principal function: Chief Liaison Officer of ACI Group.


Other current directorships and positions

In foreign countries

Within the ACI Group:

Chief Liaison Officer of ACI Ltd (Japan);

Chief Liaison Officer of ACI T/A Outwood Mineral Resources Pvt Ltd (Zimbabwe).

Outside the ACI Group:

Founder, Pahamo Africa Group;

Executive, Aravah Resources;

Executive, Rand Capital;

Non-Executive, Vagan Oil & Gas, Nigeria;

Non-Executive, DDC Construction, South Africa.

Non-profit organisations:

Trustee & Board Member, Pan-Africa Global Fund.



“Kancane, kancane…nenja iyawaqeda amanzi ngolimi” – English translation from isiZulu proverb: Victories are siezed in bite sizes, even a dog finishes water one lick at a time.

Bongani is the founder of Pahamo Africa Group and executive of Rand Capital as well as Aravah Resources, energy & mining entities based in Johannesburg, South Africa. An IMM graduate, he also holds a Sales Management Diploma. Bongani has 12 years in new business development, marketing & sales in the mining, engineering, oil & gas and construction sectors. Bongani was formerly the CEO of Brandchild Advertising and an Executive Director at Vagan Oil & Gas Limited (Nigeria & Southern Africa).