FAS                  Free Alongside Ship

FAQs                Frequently Asked Questions

FCA                  Free Carrier

FCPA               Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

FDI                   Foreign Direct Investment

Fe                      Iron

FeCr2O4          Chromite

FeSiMn           Ferro Silico Manganese

FiT                    Feed in Tariff

FMCG              Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

FOB                  Free on Board


Ga                     Gallium

Gd                     Gadolinium

GDP                 Gross Domestic Product

GDPR              General Data Protection Regulation

Ge                     Germanium

GIS                   Geographic Information Systems

G/h                  Grams per hour

G/t                   Grams per tonne

gTLD                generic Top Level Domain


Ha                    Hectare

Hf                     Hafnium

HMS                Heavy Media Separation

HOA                Heads of Agreement

Ho                    Holmium

HQ                   Headquarters

HTTP              Hypertext Transfer Protocol


Ib                      Pound

IAEA                International Atomic Energy Agency

ICC                   International Chamber of Commerce

IEA                   International Energy Agency

IDC                  Industrial Development Corporation

IEA                  International Energy Agency

IFC                  International Financial Corporation

IGCC               Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

IIGL                Ildago International Group of Companies Limited

ILO                 International Labour Organization

IMD                International Institute for Management Development

IMM               Institue of Marketing Management

In                     Indium

Incoterms     International Commercial Terms

IOCG              Iron Oxide Copper Gold

IP                    Internet Protocol

IPO                 Initial Public Offering

IPP                  Independent Power Producer

IRR                 Internal Rate of Return

ISO                 International Organization for Standardization


JD                   Juris Doctor

JORC             Joint Ore Reserve Committee

Jr                    Junior

JV                   Joint Venture