About our Partnerships & Alliances

We have partnered and aligned ourselves with  globally acknowledged and emerging leaders in mining, power generation and Agri-business. ACI always seeks partnerships that will add value to projects at hand as well as partners who share the same values that are based on HONESTY, INTEGRITY and VISION.

ACI further seeks partners who are sensitive to wealth creation for Africa, the environment and have long-term plans on curbing environmental impact issues as well as give the company exceptionally strong financial backing combined with deep industry knowledge and experience.

Our Global Partnerships & Alliances include:

European & North American private investment companies specializing in resource & commodity trading & investments in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America;

Leading independent oil & gas exploration and development companies;

Global food-processing & commodities-trading entities;

Large Asian state-owned power generation enterprises engaged in production, and supply of electricity and heat, and the development of power-related primary energy;

Global large engineering companies specialising in mega industrial facilities;

Boutique trade finance entities providing flexible, secured, pre and post-shipment trade finance solutions;

European & North American closed corporations with petroleum enterprises with operations in Africa, South America, CIS and Asia-Pacific;

Large private equity & hedge funds focused on emerging markets investments;

Some of the world’s largest aluminium and steel producing organisations;

Super-major global groups of energy & petrochemicals companies with operations in an abundance of countries and territories; and

Important off-takers, among others.