Key Energy Sources for Our Energy-Hungry Planet

Carbon-based energy sources have long been and will remain a primary source of energy for our global economy for decades to come as society’s craving for energy is insatiable. Oil or petroleum is one of the primary carbon-based energy sources consumed by our global economy. Gas is the cleanest burning conventional source of energy accounting for close to a quarter of global consumption.

ACI Oil & Gas focus is primarily on the African continent and other accredited geographies through joint ventures with strategic financial and technical partners. Africa is believed to currently supply about 12 % of the world’s oil, with untapped reserves of approximately 132.4 trillion barrels, or 8 % of proven reserves globally. According to a report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the continent has natural gas reserves of 513.2 trillion cubic feet, or 7 % of the world’s supply.