Ta                      Tantalum

Ta205               Tantalum Oxide Powder

T/A                    Trading as

Tb                      Terbium

TBWA               Omnicom Group

Te                      Tellurium

TEDx                Technology Entertainment Design (independent events)

Th                      Thorium

THL                  Trust Holding Limited

Tl                       Thallium

Tm                    Thulium

Tpa                   Tonnes per annum

Tpm                  Tons per month


U                       Uranium

UAE                 United Arab Emirates

UI/UX             User Interface/User Experience

UK                    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

UN                    United Nations

UNCITRAL     United National Commission on International Trade Law

UNCTAD         United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDP              United Nations Development Programme

UNEP              United Nations Environment Programme

URL                 Universal Resource Locator

US                    United States of America

USD$              United States of America Dollars

USGS              United States Geological Survey

U/Th               Uranium-thorium


V                      Vanadium

VGO                Vacuum Gas Oil

VIC                  Vienna International Centre


W                     Tungsten

WBG               World Bank Group

WCAG            Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

WHO              World Health Organisation

WTO               World Trade Organization

WPP               Wire and Plastics Products

W3C WAI      World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative


There are at present no terms for this Letter.


Y                      Yttrium

Yb                    Ytterbium


ZAR                 South African Rand

ZERA              Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority

ZETDC           Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company

ZIA                  Zimbabwe Investment Authority

Zn                    Zinc

Zr                     Zirconium