Friday, March 16, 2012

Johannesburg, South Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe, Vienna, Austria, Tokyo, Japan – March 16, 2012 – African Compass International Limited (“ACI” or the “Company”), today announced positive assay results from its tungsten project site samples, which were sent for radiation testing respectively in-house to a potential off-taker and further outsourced by the potential off-taker to Activation Laboratories Limited (Actlabs), Canada.

Assay results from the potential off-taker in-house lab received 22 February, 2012, were positive as common pollutants (Pb, As and others) were found to be at low levels. The world standard requirement for this material is 65% when washed. ACI tests in Harare, Zimbabwe, of the same samples had achieved 45.2% unwashed.

The outsourced sample results by the potential off-taker to Actlabs for radiation measurement received 16 March, 2012 (complete assay summary of results below), were found to have also low levels of common pollutants (Pb, As and others), well below the potential off-takers internal specification and even further below legal limits.











About ACI
African Compass International (“ACI”) is a global diversified private natural resources company in frontier, emerging/established emerging and developed markets. The Group farms, explores, sources, refines and produces, inter alia, agriculture products, base metals, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, minor metals, platinum group metals, precious metals, oil & gas and commercial energy. Our diversified operations in Africa, South America and Eurasia are supported by offices in Austria, Canada, Japan and Zimbabwe. ACI always seeks partnerships with all its stakeholders that will add value to projects at hand based on the core values of honesty, integrity and vision.

About Activation Laboratories Limited.
The Actlabs Group of Companies provides contract analytical services covering all aspects of analysis from academic research applications to routine quality control functions. It provides services to many fields, including Geochemical, Petroleum, Industrial Minerals, Forensic, Pharmaceutical & Clinical, Environmental & Occupational Health, Agricultural and Materials Testing areas. For more information, visit

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For and on behalf of the Company’s Board of Directors

Julian RUPARE, Jr.

CEO & Chair


The following are the main terms and abbreviations used in this webnews:

ACI                African Compass International Limited and/or its subsidiaries, as appropriate

Actlabs         Activation Laboratories Limited

Ag                  Silver

Al                  Aluminium

As                  Arsenic

Au                 Gold

B                    Boron

Ba                  Barium

Be                  Beryllium

Bi                   Bismuth

Ca                  Calcium

Cd                  Cadmium

Ce                   Cerium

CEO               Chief Executive Officer

CLO               Chief Legal Officer

Company      African Compass International or African Compass International Limited

Co                  Cobalt

COO              Chief Operating Officer

Cr                   Chromium

Cs                   Cesium

Cu                  Copper

Dy                  Dysprocium

Er                   Erbium

Eu                  Europium

Fe                   Iron

Ga                   Gallium

Gd                  Gadolinium

Ge                   Germanium

Hf                   Hafnium

Ho                  Holmium

In                    Indium

K                     Potassium

La                   Lanthanum

Li                    Lithium

Lu                   Lutetium

Mg                 Magnesium

Mn                 Manganese

Mo                 Molybdenum

Na                  Sodium

Nb                 Niobium

Nd                 Niodymium

Ni                  Nickel

P                    Phosphorus

Pb                  Lead

Pr                  Praseodymium

Re                 Rhenium

Rb                 Rubidium

S                    Sulfur

Sb                  Antimony

Sc                  Scandium

Se                  Selenium

Si                   Silicon

Sm                Samarium

Sn                  Tin

Sr                   Strontium

Ta                   Tantalum

Tb                  Terbium

Te                  Tellurium

Th                  Thorium

Tl                   Thallium

Tm                Thulium

U                   Uranium

V                    Vanadium

W                  Tungsten

Y                    Yttrium

Yb                  Ytterbium

Zn                  Zinc

Zr                  Zirconium

– ends –

African Compass International

Johannesburg | Harare | Vienna | Tokyo

Directors J Rupare Jr (CEO) C N Rupare (COO) U Mazunga (CLO)

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